I'm obama

Even if I wasn’t gay my first choice would be Nicki Minaj so

I think I should be voted Sexiest Man Alive considering how hot I am 

I obviously don’t like girls stop trying to get with me unless you’re Harry Styles

Why does Michelle think I love her
Dear Diary,


don’t tell anyone.. but i think i’m in love with Louis…

I’m in love with Louis Tomlinson.

-Harry .xx

Excuse me bitch

Why do people from other countries follow me am I really that great

Oh wait

I am 

Harry and I will break up unless he starts talking to me again like he can’t even tweet his true love 

Harry won’t return my calls why won’t he is this not true love thats cool too I got other options Harry, Niall is just right around the corner keep playing with me you ungrateful whore

Only time Harry is on the net is when he googlin my ass

Remember when the kids made fun of me in school for being black

Guess who got shipped out of America